Lovely customer comment

Just received this lovely comment from our recent visitor to our villa:

Hi Sally, just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for a great place. We enjoyed our week in the “sun” Everyone had a great time and the place was just what we needed. Although we never got in the pool the pool area was really nice to just relax around after a long day. It was a really good area to stay in, everything we needed was really close and the traveling we had to do to get to the games was real easy from there. I got some new menu’s from places we ate at and put in the kitchen with the others. Manny’s and Sonny’s were are favourites. We just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our stay. I have a granddaughter that is 3, in about 3 more years when she is old enough we plan on going to Disney World, if the place is still around I will look you up again. Thanks, any questions please let me know……………


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