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All guests shall permit the owner, our property management company & any appointed tradesmen access to the property at any reasonable time to carry-out any routine or emergency maintenance work.

You may gain access to the property after 16:00pm on the day of arrival and the property must be vacated by 10:00am on the day of departure, unless otherwise arranged and agreed.

All bookings must be made by a person aged over 21 that is a member of the party that will be occupying the property.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% per stay is payable within 7 days of making your booking. If the deposit is not received within 7 days we reserve the right to cancel your booking. The booking will be confirmed to you once the deposit has been cleared, usually within 7 days of receipt of your deposit. Once your booking is confirmed the deposit will be non-refundable but will be deducted from the full amount payable.

Notice of any changes or a cancellation must be made in writing at least 8 weeks before departure. In the event of cancellation by you within 8 weeks of your departure date the following charges will normally apply:

  • 6-8 weeks before departure – 33% of property rental charge
  • 4-6 weeks before departure – 67% of property rental charge
  • Less than 4 weeks before departure -100% of property rental charge.

In the unlikely event that circumstances beyond our control results in the cancellation of the booking we, or our Property Management Company reserves the right to cancel the booking. In this instance any refund will be limited to any monies already paid by you.

For contractual clarity force majeure is defined as “unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not avoid even with the exercise of all due care”, including (by way of example only) war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions or airline rescheduling. In no circumstances will any compensation be payable by us or our property management company as a result of any cancellation due to force majeure.

This is considered to be “unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not avoid even with the exercise of all due care” and as such falls under the above FORCE MAJEURE clause.
You should contact your insurance company to check if your travel insurance covers claims as a result of cancellations in relation to CORONA VIRUS.

In the event of either Global Travel Restrictions or Flight Cancellations by Airlines you should contact your insurance company to check if your travel insurance will cover claims for these issues.
Further information is available by following the link below:
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With the exception of force majeure (see above clause) we may need to amend certain aspects of the accommodation, which we reserve the right to do at any time. Minor changes, if they occur, may not necessarily be advised and will not qualify for compensation. In the case of a major change we will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible, if there is time before your departure. Once a change has been confirmed and accepted by you, no further claims for compensation or additional expenses will be allowed.

Full cleaning will be carried out before your stay. If additional cleans are required this should be arranged directly through our Management Company and will be payable locally.

We will send your invoice directly to you either by email. The confirmation will contain your requested dates and other relevant information, including payment details. You are required to carefully check your invoice to ensure that it is correct and exactly matches your requirements. If it does not, you are required to contact us within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation to inform us of any inaccuracies.

A contract will exist when we have accepted a deposit and issued our confirmation invoice.

This is not included. We do not provide any insurance cover and you are strongly advised to take out adequate travel or holiday insurance, to cover for cancellation, accidents, illness or damage. Please ensure you have specific and sufficient holiday insurance to cover all your needs.

You are advised that you are occupying a private property and therefore are responsible for your own safety in respect of any loss, personal accidents or damages sustained by you or any members of your party during your stay. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate holiday insurance to cover personal injury / accidents / damage. No claims whatsoever will be accepted by us or our Property Management Company. We and our Property Management Company accept no liability for loss of mains services or failure of appliances or of any actions taken in the vicinity of the property by any authority or third party persons beyond their control.

Full payment of the outstanding balance must be received at least 8 weeks before departure. If the balance is not paid in time, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit. All reservations made less than 8 weeks prior to departure will require full payment at the time of booking.

Under no circumstances are pets of any kind permitted.

All guests use the pool and its surrounding areas at their own risk. Children are required to be supervised at all times when using the pool or on the pool deck area. We and our Property Management Company will accept no responsibility for any loss or personal injury incurred from using the pool or its surrounding areas.

The cost of pool heating is not included within the villa rental prices. If you require pool heating this should be requested at the time of booking and the cost will be added to your invoice at the rates shown on our website. Pool heating can also be requested at any point during your stay through our Management Company and the cost will be payable directly to our Management Company.

Whilst we make every effort to avoid amending prices, we reserve the right to do so at any time.

Upon payment of the outstanding balance, you shall be required to pay a refundable security/breakage deposit of £250 per stay. This deposit covers any breakages, or damage to the property, or its contents and for any excessive cleaning costs above that normally required in connection with the occupancy. The deposit will be refunded to you as soon as possible and no later than 28 days after you have vacated the property, less the cost of any breakages, or damage caused during the period of rental in accordance with our Property Management Company’s report.

Smoking is not permitted inside the property. In the event that this condition is breached then the cost of cleaning and refreshing the property will be deducted from the security deposit.

The booking is made only to those named on the booking form. No further persons are permitted to stay and sub-letting is not allowed.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on our website.

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