Things To Do

  • Theme Parks

    Theme Parks

    FLORIDA’S MOST POPULAR THEME PARKS – UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Universal Studios Florida® is a real working motion picture and television studio that enables guests to jump right into the action of […]

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  • Beaches & State Parks

    Beaches & State Parks

    There is just so much more to Florida than Theme Parks.  You can enjoy miles of superb beaches that are often virtually deserted. Closer to home there are some fantastic […]

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  • Restaurants & Shopping

    Restaurants & Shopping

    Dining out is always an enjoyable part of any holiday. There are some great places to eat that are really family friendly. We have listed below some of our favourites.  […]

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  • The production grille Pony emblem surrounded by the corral on the 1965 Mustang. Compared to the Phil Clark’s original design, this and subsequent versions of the pony show more of a running stance rather than galloping. The head and neck are more horizontal and the tail flows out behind.


    THINGS TO DO IN FLORIDA – KISSIMMEE OLD TOWN. The Old Town of Kissimmee is a lovely district for waking around with shops, restaurants, attractions and rides.  If you love […]

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